GLOVA Bus GmbH – moving forward

Since the new company was established in the year 2002, there has been a constant move forward to improve the service we provide to our customers whilst seeking to assure our suppliers of our continuing support.

An opportunity arose to diversify the company into a related market.  This commenced in March 2004 when a significant investment was made in the establishment of the new division of train toilets. The effect on the company as a whole deepens the companies experience in new fields improving overall adaptability and flexibility.

We are proud of the products we produce from our committed and experienced team.  Customers not just demand products at the right price but also with definite emphasis on reliability. 

With this in mind, the company is now very focused on delivering goods with increased level of reliability.

The company has got ISO 9001 registration on March 17th 2005, giving our customers further confidence in GLOVA Bus is moving forward.

During the year 2005 we have gained a new Chairman and also a new General Manager in Borkheide.

Ferdinand Waclawski

Mr. Waclawski has strong experience in Management of manufacturing companies in all spheres.  His experience is such that he recognises the importance of strong controls to deliver reliable products at competitive prices whilst also knowing the necessity of personal contact with both customers and suppliers.

Brunhilde Herm, Graduate Engineer

Having a profound knowledge of 3d computer-aided design with a long experience, she proves to be an important partner of GLOVA Bus GmbH.

Mrs Herm is charged by us mainly with the new development of toilet systems. She creates the project-oriented construction documents for the production and the assembly of the toilet modules. Further information about the profile of her engineering office for the development and construction of machine tool and non-standard mechanical building you find here: