Long-distance bus toilets


GLOVA can offer well-founded expertise in lavatories for long-distance coaches. The products for our two Swedish customers have always had the features needed for such a "heavy duty" task. This is because in Scandinavia long distance coaches are of high importance for long routes, due to the lack of a fully developed railway network.

We therefore have a long experience and a good know-how for the new long-distance-coach lavatories for all further customers.

With the rising number of passengers and the busses transporting them, the demand for long-distance coach lavatories is increasing as well. According to sector figures, 23 million passengers were counted in the year 2017, on about 250 coach routes, with about 800 coaches per day – in Germany alone.
Long-distance coach lavatories should have the following specifications:

• Big septic and grey water tanks
• All-year usability
• Easy to clean
• Little service effort
• Routine maintenance

Most importantly, however, they should be very reliable without requiring additional luggage space volume. We can offer a variety of solutions for all these demands.