Fresh water system X 2000 SI



GRP- cabin with a separate freshwater and septic tank. Freshwater- toilet- flushing that is electric and pneumatic operated and functions at a temperature range from – 40°C to 70 °C. The entire sanitary technology is integrated into a steel supporting frame and delivered as ready-to-install full module. Due to approved worldwide operating sub-suppliers, solely standard and norm components are used.


Function Description

The sanitary technology is based on the know-how and the functional principle of coach toilets. Basically, the WC flushing functions according to the freshwater flush- and gravity principle. The pumps, the toilet slider and the magnet valves therefore are all-automatic operated by the well known Glova-Toilet Controller (Micro -Controller PDC-100). The toilet is shut down automatically upon fix pre-programmed operating states so that the further use is inhibited.


Data Sheet X 2000 SI

Technical Features
Dimensions of module: 1500 x 850 x 2100 mm(L x B x H)
Weight of ready-to-install module: ca. 360 kg
Vibration and shock stresses as per DIN EN 12663
Septic tank volume variable, presently over 100 l
Fresh water tank volume variable, presently over 50 l
Fire protection: ca. 2000 MJ as per DIN 5510-1
Air pressure: max.10 bar, power supply 24 V DC
IP protection class 56


Cabin Equipment
Interior LED lighting, all attachments and fixtures made of stainless steel, easy-to-clean and smooth interior surfaces, non-slip flooring, hand wash basin, mirror, light-, flush- and hand wash push buttons are electronically operated, locking regime for the cabin door.

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