A system that always fits.


Easy to install, easy to retrofit and economical for toilet configurations throughout the world.


GLOVA Bus has successfully consolidated its position on the international market thanks to high-quality products and convincing cost effectiveness.

References given by leading manufacturers of demanding public vehicles prove GLOVA's competence. On request, all toilets can meet the standards set out by the Authorities (Association for Coach Comfort Quality among other) for three, four and five star quality grade.

You have exceptional coaches

  • We have exceptional solutions
  • Toilet systems for highest requirements
  • We fulfill your needs

"Mature technology, high-quality material and excellent finish made by experts!" New ideas developed by GLOVA Bus, the German company with profound experience gained through developing and producing toilet systems and cooperating with well-established customers. Therefore we have certified our value in according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

The result: greater economic efficiency, maximum hygiene- and the latest environmental protection standard. Fully developed systems will meet your requirements, no matter whether you want to install a new toilet or just change the technique.

All in all: it's a pleasure to use GLOVA Bus toilets. They are practically maintenance- free, sturdy and environmentally friendly due to their surprisingly low water and chemical consumption.

From mirror to integrated waste bin: comfort everywhere.



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