Specification sheet


With the GlovaStar you boast a top-class VIP-sanitary trailer for your event!

Just with the sheer painting in silver metallic, the trailer is captivating in its appearance. With this lavatory trailer, one does not have to hide in dark corners! But the best of it is installed inside:

The lavatory cabins made of one casting grant a private sphere. Each cabin is equipped with a vacuum flushing for high hygiene, a stainless steel bowl, sink, mirror, paper towel and soap dispenser, toilet brush and waste bin. The sanitary accessories have a good finish and of course high quality. A valve attached to the toilet bowl, airing in each cabin, and an (optional) air-conditioning system prevent effectively odour nuisances. The flushing is computer-controlled using special high-designed pressure nozzles; only max. 400 ml water per flushing is needed. The same economical aspect applies to the hand-washing water.

And these are not our only ideas on how to provide a cost saving operation of our product.


Technical data sheet for the sale of a GlovaStar

Length         ca. 4500 mm oder 6500 mm
Width   ca. 2500 mm
Height   ca. 2950 mm
Tandem axle, shock   185 R14 C
absorbers Tire dimension    
Overrun brake,   100 km/h speed limit
rocking motion control    
Gross vehicle weight   ca. 2,5 t
Vertical load on the coupling point   ca. 115 kg
Power supply   220V AC
Working stress   24 V DC
Air conditioning   220 V AC with up to 2,5 kW cooling and/or 3,0 kW heathing capacity
Lavatories   female side: 4 VIP-sanitary cabins
    male side: 2 VIP-sanitary cabins plus 2 or 3 waterless urinals
Aeration   standard for each lavatory
Vacuum flushing   standard for each toilet bowl
Septic tank below floor   ca. 650 l for each 600 flushings
discharging through a macerator pump
Fresh water tank   ca. 400 l


Technical furnishings

The vestibules are equipped with:

  • Solid wood wash-stand with an embedded basin and an infrared sensor controlled brace.
  • Mirror size ca. 670 x 465 mm plus a lit make-up mirror on the female side.
  • Soap and paper towel dispenser from Tork® Elevation series. Powerful hand dryer as an option.
  • 50 l waste bin from Tork® Elevation series.
  • The vestibule is illuminated with bright LED-spots as well as the stair top for safety reasons.
  • One audio-system with speakers in each vestibule is foreseen.
  • The vestibules are each ventilated by a skylight with insect screen

All lavatory cabins are equipped with:

  • Small washbowl, soap, paper towel and the toilet paper dispenser from Tork® Elevation series. Toilet seat and toilet brush gray-coloured. Mirror size 523 x 430 mm. LED-light strip

We will produce your customized GlovaStar to suit your demands and wishes! Don´t hesitate to contact us to get more details!




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