You are most welcome to the GlovaStar sanitary VIP trailer par excellence



If the best is not good enough and you are looking for something very special, you have just chosen the right site.

GLOVA Bus Ltd. is a symbol for innovation and technical progress in the serial production of coach and train lavatories. With this in mind, we have designed and developed the GlovaStar to fulfil the demands of first-class sanitary products at exclusive events.

The GlovaStar sets the state-of-art lavatory technology high. Comfort, functionality and design are in perfect harmony, fulfilling the customers' demands.
The GlovaStar can be used wherever needed. The use of GlovaStar is independant of the local circumstances, and just as unlimited are the design possibilities for this VIP-sanitary trailer.


GlovaStar – and every business turns into a glamorous event ...



interior decoration

One of the many ways you can customize your trailer individually

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