The technical system


Everything is possible due to GLOVA's individual cabin sizes and the GLOVA Bus Modular System:


Installation in the central entrance area or in the rear, for right- hand and left- hand drive buses, retrofit and changing the old toilet's technique to a modern, GLOVA Bus system. Everything is possible due to GLOVA's individual cabin sizes and the GLOVA Bus Modular System:

There is a choice of four basic flushing systems:

  • Recirculation flushing only (CC)
  • Fresh water flushing only (WC)
  • Combined fresh water/ recirculation flushing (WC/CC).
  • Switch from fresh water flushing to recirculation flushing simply by pressing a button (patent)
  • Vacuum flushing (VAC)

All flushing systems are interchangeable.
Moreover, each cabin type may be combined with any of the flushing systems!

You tell us what your ideal toilet should look like and we will supply a perfect system which will disappear in case you should wish to run your combi- bus as a city- bus.
And this is the way we do it: we deliver a demountable split unit (upper and lower parts). By removing the upper part two additional seats can be fitted.

Perfect in function and design: Only first class material stands up to extreme wear and tear and intensive cleaning. Therefore GLOVA Bus toilets can be equipped with a premium steel bowl, ergonomically shaped, with a special glass blasted surface. Even years later it looks as good as new!

Thanks to their functional details GLOVA Bus systems are user-friendly, almost maintenance-free and hygienic. The pneumatic slide is a reliable odor trap between bowl and waste tank.

As an option the slide is available with an additional safety function: the closing process is interrupted as soon as an object blocks the slide. If required effective and clean flushing is also possible without compressed air. Extra produced flushing nozzles and their special adjustment prevent the otherwise typical atomized spray. This proves: the GLOVA Bus fresh water flushing with fragrance additive!

And: an electronic control detects if one of your passengers forgets to flush the toilet and automatically activates the flushing as soon as the cabin door closes!



complet system

with stainless steel bowl