Special product: vacuum toilet system for vessels



During the past few months, we have been working on the further diversification of our product range, getting the opportunity to develop a complete toilet system for vessels such as boats, ships, and yachts. It is about an individual sanitary solution for the public sector:

The renovation and refurbishment of a lavatory in a steel container of an offshore platform (dredging ship) with one of our grp-cabins which is up-dated with a typical vacuum toilet system (VOD) from the ship- and ferry branch.

The expansion of operations of our special products in solving individual demands for mobile sanitary systems has created a very interesting technical layout of a lavatory for a dredging ship run by a Federal authority. The target was the design and development of a state-of-the-art and hygienic lavatory to be retrofitted by GLOVA Bus in an existing standard 20-feet steel container. The scope of supply and services comprised the development of a complete solution for a new lavatory, the sanitary engineering, the fresh water and septic tanks, and the disposal of the effluents depending on the duty cycle of the crew on board the vessel.


The result features the following details:



heated grp-cabin with the size (l x w x h): 890 x 900 x 1,950 mm, cabin inside layered with a smooth gel coat easy to clean, floor drain, LED-lighting, interval timer for air ventilation. Entire installation space of the facility: 1,300 x 1,300 x 2,000 mm

Toilet system

vacuum-on-demand system (VOD) with a stainless steel macerator and an integrated switch function to drain the septic tank. Micro controller with an automatic shutdown of the system after a certain number of flushes.


fresh water tank and hopper are stoked for winter operation and equipped with electric level sensors and an inspection chamber and a cleanout

Watercrafts of any kind could be also equipped with another innovative sanitary product depending on the customer requirements and requested technical specifications. In the US-coastguard boats for example, a micro biological toilet system of the well-known manufacturer Microphor® is predominantly in use, a system we also install in one of our locomotive driver toilets.

However, for bigger ships and yachts with many passengers and numerous wc-flushes, a vacuum system might be more appropriate, like the one we put into the GlovaStar-luxury toilet trailer.
For smaller yachts and boats such a vacuum system is obviously too expensive. For this purpose cheaper electrical versions with an integrated flushing and flapper technology have been designed, which are offered by GLOVA Bus in even two different types as a speciality beside of all our serial products.




sanitary container

delivery of the refurbished sanitary container

lavatory with accessories

lavatory with accessories

sanitary technology

innovative sanitary technology at its best

maintenance module

service and maintenance of the sanitary unit