Mikrobiologisches System




This system generally consists of following elements:

  • Air operated toilet assembly type MICROFLUSH┬«
  • Biological treatment tank
  • Primary- and secondary Chlorinator
  • Fresh water tank


Function Description

When the effluent from the toilet enters the treatment tank, the liquids gravity flows through a row of vertical columns of media that are located in the lower area of the treatment tank. These media columns serve as a special filter by which the bacteria come into contact with the solid waste. By the use of these microbes, the human excrements in the primary treatment tank are converted to carbon dioxide and water. The liquid then flows through the primary chlorine unit in which it is chlorinated by specially developed Microphor Chlorine Slugs. The chlorination of the liquid leads to the killing of the bacteria that are in the liquid. The liquids gravity then flows into the additional Secondary Chlorinator. By this additional Secondary Chlorinator, the chlorinated liquid flows through a row of baffles which extends the time of contact, thus insuring the coliform bacteria is killed, before the liquid is discharged through an outlet on the bottom or the end of the tank to the roadbed. Chlorine given in sufficient quantity causes the death of most of the micro organisms within half an hour. Chlorine is added to the effluent mechanically by the Microphor Chlorine Slugs.

Since the outstanding system requires a relative small space and only low-maintenance it can be adapted to many varying local conditions. In order to prevent frost damages and to maintain the biological activity of the treatment tank in winter, the treatment tank can be insulated and electrically heated.


Data Sheet

Locomotive Toilet with Microbiological Effluent System

The optimal cabin for the use in freight train locomotives consists of a steel supporting frame that is sheeted in- and outside. For a long-life cycle, the supporting steel frames as well as the external sheet metal are powder-coated. Due to hygienic reasons, the interior of the cabin is entirely covered with high quality stainless steel sheets.

The interior and exterior piping is made according to customization out of stainless steel (V4A). Other material for piping can be applied as well; standard ABS pipes are, for instance, a lightweight and economical alternative.

Microbiological Treatment Systems
Basically, all microbiologically working systems offered on the market are applicable. According to customization, the Microphor®- System is currently used in our cabin. However, there are other manufacturers with whom we cooperate. The systems are adaptable to various climatic conditions.

The Microphor System functions without electric power and uses less than 1 litre water per flush. Since the system process the waste there is no need to drain a waste tank and no human contact with waste.

Main dimensions
1420 x 870 x1970 mm (Lx B x H)
Weight: ca. 600 kg (fully equipped & ready-to-install, but with emptied tanks)

Elegant triangular washbasin made out of stainless steel, automatic air freshener dispenser, modern LED light fitting, electric fan, paper hand towel and soap dispenser.


Data sheet locomotive Toilet with microbiological effluent system ┬╗