Busworld KortrijkPrototype of a Standard Toilet Cabin for the Middle Entry


Prototype of a Standard Toilet Cabin for the Middle Entry
Caches: controllable - high-value - more range km

Standard toilet cabin for the middle entry
The versatile coach toilet consists of only one plastic form and is foreseen as an all-round coach toilet.
It is available with a fixed mounted or a loose and therefore replaceable septic tank unit.
The door is plane.

Available with
chemical flushing (CC)
fresh water flushing (WC)
combined fresh water and chemical flushing version (WC / CC)

Main dimensions
The cabin form has the following external dimensions
(l x w x h)900 x 800 x 1700 mm

Net weight of the raw cabin
least 45.0 kg without any equipment

Generally, any colour in the style of the RAL-system can be chosen

This cabin is a standardised, technically mature Glova coach toilet for the universal use in the middle entry