„Green Light for your Party“ – in the SparrenExpress of Bielefeld


Already in 1999, two original wagons from the Bielefeld tram which were built in 1959 and 1962, were converted into a party tram where two bus toilets were built in.
In the course of a major renovation of the SparrenExpress, the company moBiel, an enterprise of the Public Service of Bielefeld (www.moBiel.de) assigned us the challenging task to recondition also the meanwhile aged sanitary facilities - technically and optically.

The original bus sanitary engineering with water flushing and the old underfloor tanks gave way to a modern and long-lasting variation. Now, in both completely overhauled grp-toilet cabins, the flushing works with a hygienic and water-saving vacuum system. The wastewater is now conducted into custom-made PE-plastic tanks which are equipped with special heating elements in order to ensure the functioning of the toilets even with severe frost. Meanwhile, with the two GLOVA bus toilets on board, the tram operates again for up to 50 „moBi(e)le" party guests with the well-known slogan „Green Light for your Party".