Christmas Party Tram with a Glova-lavatory


Even in distant Rumania, the third biggest town of the country there is a party tram on duty.
In Timisoara, somebody took notice of us in order to mount a toilet cabin for a rolling inn into an already excellently designed party tram.
As the pictures show, the team of "narwhal studio design" has done a good job.
Especially for the Christmas season, the public transportation service R.A.T.T. created an interesting attraction for the residents as well as the numerous tourists in nice and old Timisoara: a party tram that was only lacking a suitable lavatory. The project team decided on a LBK-cabin with customized electrical winter equipment for use in temperatures down to 20 degrees below zero.
Moreover, the 115-litre septic tank and the 80-litre flushing water tank will keep the party going for a very long time. GLOVA hopes you will have fun with the party tram.
As the residents and the tourists of Timisoara were delighted with the Christmas party tram, a second tram project has been started in March 2015. Certainly again with the "narwhal studio design" team and a GLOVA LBK for low temperature use. Well then, cheers!